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Hamster Clubs

The National Hamster Council, the oldest hamster related society in existence, founded in 1949, now on the Web for the new millenium!

The Midland Hamster Club, (runs shows in Wales and the Midlands).

The South of England Hamster Club, (runs shows in the Southern counties of England).

The Hamster Society, (covers Scotland, Wales, Northern England and the Midlands)

The Northern Hamster Club administers the Northern counties of England, together with Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Hamster Home Pages

Golden Hams, website of Paul Sharkey and the Golden Hamsters.

The River Road Hamstery, Long Island, home of Jan and the River Road hamsters.

Scorpio Syrians, website of Sheryl Sharkey and the Scorpio Syrian Hamsters.

Towy Vale Hamstery, home of Pete and Chris Logsdail and the Towy Vale hamsters.

The Hamster Webring Homepage.

Although this is not a hamster related site, may I recommend David Norell's home page, (also contributed to by friends and family). He is a close friend and colleague.

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