Who am I?

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My name is Andrew Bryan, from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Since 1991 I have been showing and breeding hamsters. "Duncton Hamstery" is my prefix, registered with the National Hamster Council, and is the name under which my animals are shown.

Since I began showing hamsters I have been a member of the Midland Hamster Club.  This is an organisation which promotes the keeping, showing and welfare of hamsters in the Midlands and Wales. I am an associate member of the Northern Hamster Club and the South of England Hamster Club which, between the two of them and the Midland Club, organise shows all over Britain.  I judge both Syrian and Dwarf hamsters for these Clubs, and have judged for other UK and overseas hamster clubs over the last few years.

In April 2004 I was elected as Chairman of the National Hamster Council, a governing body of the hamster fancy in the UK. I am also Chairman of the National Hamster Council Standards Committee.

Aside from all of these activities, I am also a member of the Hamster Society, a similar group, not linked to the Midland Club or the National Hamster Council, which covers Scotland, as well as Northern and Central England, and Wales. I have shown under, and often judged for, this society.

If you also keep hamsters, or have any queries about hamster care, I would be glad to hear from you.  To email me, simply click here

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