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Choosing a cage

The following guidelines are designed to help you choose a suitable cage.  Most pet shops will stock a number of cages that meet all these criteria.   In this case the decision is then up to your personal preference.  Remember also that a hamster's enclosure does not have to be literally a cage; old aquaria can make excellent hamster homes, provided that they are fitted with a tight fitting, ventilated lid.


Siting the cage

Having bought your cage, the next thing to consider is where to put it.   Hamsters are desert animals but, in spite of this, cope with low temperatures much better than burning heat.  They also particularly dislike changes in temperature.  Putting the cage in an unheated spare bedroom, where the temperature is cool but relatively constant, is better than siting it in a living room which is warm by day and chilly at night.  In the same way, avoid placing the cage near radiators or windows, both of which cause changes in temperature.

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